2023 All-Jefferson District Boys and Girls Basketball

Here are the All-Jefferson District boys and girls basketball teams, selected by a media panel with input from the district’s coaches.

2023 All-Jefferson Boys Basketball

Player of the year: Division 4-5: Carter Wesson, Albemarle | Division 3: Bobby Gardner

Coach of the year: Heath Bralley, Fluvanna County

First Team

Josh Sime, Western Albemarle, Sr.

Carter Wesson, Albemarle, Sr.

La’mari Parler, Albemarle, Sr.

Adian Yates, Charlottesville, Jr.

Bobby Gardner, Fluvanna County, Sr.

Keyshawn Hill, Charlottesville, Sr.

Wes Gobble, Western Albemarle, Jr.

Ben Wesson, Albemarle, Jr.

Second Team

Christian Humes, Albemarle, Sr.

Chase Rollins, Orange County, Sr.

Elliott Kessler, Western Albemarle, Jr.

Alex Keeton, Western Albemarle, Sr.

Noah Grevious, Albemarle, Jr.

Lance Bruce, Fluvanna County, Jr.

Braylon Stanley, Orange County, Jr.

Luka Matic, Charlottesville, Jr.


Honorable Mention

Jacoby Lynch, Charlottesville, Fr.

Angus Munro, Charlottesville, Sr.

Lance Bruce, Fluvanna County, Sr.

Tyler Coleman, Fluvanna County, Sr.

Chazz Barksdale-White, Fluvanna County, Jr.

Cameron Quarles, Louisa County, Jr.

Ben Giese, Monticello, Sr.

Ben Ritterband, Monticello, Sr.

Jamason Pryor, Goochland, Sr.

2023 All-Jefferson District Girls Basketball

Player of the year: Division 4-5: Sylvie Jackson, Louisa County, Sr. | Division 3: Aniah Webb, Fluvanna County, Sr.

Coach of the year: Nick Schreck, Louisa County

First Team

Sylvie Jackson, Louisa County, Sr.

Janie Smith, Louisa County, Sr.

Rayquel Allen, Charlottesville, Jr.

Aniah Webb, Fluvanna County, Sr.

Alana Carter-Johnston, Fluvanna County, Sr.

Avery Stavitski, Charlottesville, Fr.

Emma Schmitz, Western Albemarle, Fr.

Samantha Shifflett, Monticello, Jr.

Second Team

Ava Ewen, Western Albemarle, Jr.

Molly McCall, Fluvanna County, Fr.

Dylan Wood, Monticello, Jr.

Eva Floyd, Charlottesville, So.

Kate Voelmle, Western Albemarle, So.

Laney Fayard, Orange County, So.

Lauren Grady, Albemarle, Sr.

Ella Jackson, Louisa County, Fr. 


Honorable Mention

Marisa Dyer, Monticello, Jr.

McLean Stokes, Western Albemarle, So.

Elaina Pierce, Charlottesville, Fr.

Caroline Centofante, Western Albemarle, Jr.

Maggie Johnson, Orange County, Sr.

Olivia Sciabbarrasi, Orange County, Sr.

Kaley Maynard, Albemarle, Sr.

Sophia Lynn, Albemarle, Fr.

Tatyana Turner, Fluvanna County, Sr.

Savoi Smith, Louisa County, Sr.