Charlottesville and Monticello final regular season game halted for safety concern after scuffle

It was an unfortunate end to what looked like a game with a promising finish. Senior night was spoiled at Monticello with the Mustangs facing cross-town rival Charlottesville as the game was called by officials after a small skirmish broke out. After the spat was initially contained, things took a turn for the worse when a handful of fans from both sides stepped onto the court. That led school officials and the Albemarle County police officers on hand to effectively and safely handle the issue by clearing out the school.

Once players were removed from the court, the two groups of fans were first separated, then told to leave at different intervals. Charlottesville fans left first and after a significant wait, Monticello fans departed. Both groups were escorted out of the building and made it without incident to their vehicles with police watching closely. No injuries were reported. Both teams waited in their respective locker rooms and were released independently after all fans had cleared the gym.

School officials from both sides will release a joint statement about the game today. The two schools will await the Virginia High School League’s ruling for repercussions over the event. Sources from both Charlottesville and Monticello informed Scrimmage Play that the decision to end the game and clear the building was based on the concern for fan and player safety at the advisement of the police. Coming into the night, the game had no ramifications in the Jefferson District standings.

Before the chaos broke out, Charlottesville held a 36-29 lead in the middle of the third quarter. Black Knights guard Demarcus Scott had 12 points and Deshaun Blakey had seven points and seven rebounds. Mustangs guard Jhalil Mosley had 14 points and four rebounds.

The Black Knights and Mustangs will only meet again if both teams advance to the Jefferson District tournament championship.

Charlottesville, the fourth seed in the tourney, hosts Louisa County on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Monticello has a bye as the result of its second seed, earned by beating Western Albemarle last week. The Mustangs will play on Wednesday at 8 p.m at Western against either the Warriors or Powhatan.