2016 All-Region 4A South Boys Lacrosse

The 2016 All-Region 4A South boys lacrosse teams were released this week. Here’s the squad.

Player of the year: Oliver Herndon, Western Albemarle

Coach of the year: Dave Daly, Hanover

First Team

Midfielders: Hunter Bellows, Hanover; Carter Elliot, Western Albemarle; Tyler Flora, Hanover; Jack Loffredo, Western Albemarle; Anthony Migliarese, Salem; Kenton Marshall, E.C. Glass

Defenders: Oliver Herndon, Western AlbemarleMatt Mullin, Western Albemarle; Daniel Hummel, Monticello; Christian Wayne, Hanover; Marcus Bazala, Hanover

Attack: Trevor Cook, Hanover; Will Werner, CharlottesvilleLuke Reilly, Western Albemarle; Colin DiSesa, Hanover; Sam Hunter, Jefferson Forest

Goalie: Jackson Sours, Western Albemarle

Second Team

Midfielders: Will Carrington, E.C. Glass; Parker Downey, Jefferson Forest; Shawn Lamb, Rockbridge; Dillion Powell, Midlothian

Defenders: Peter Woods, E.C. Glass; Emory Willoughny, Jefferson Forest; David Foster, Midlothian; Karak Paisley, Salem; Garland Carter, Western Albemarle

Attack: James Mahan, Salem; Mitch McMahon, E.C. Glass; Tommie Stadler, CharlottesvilleJames Buetow, Western Albemarle; Matt Paul, Jefferson Forest

Goalie: Tyler Cook, Hanover

Honorable Mention Selections from local squads

Nick Pahuta, Charlottesville

A.J. Donovan, Western Albemarle

Austin Haverstrom, Monticello

Brian Young, Monticello

Tony Talbert, Monticello