2014 All-ODFC football team released

The 2014 All-Old Dominion Football Conference team was announced Sunday and St. Anne’s-Belfield, Covenant and Blue Ridge all earned honors. Here’s the squad.


Offensive player of the year: Max Revercomb, North Cross

Defensive player of the year: Kareem Johnson, St. Anne’s-Belfield

Coaches of the year: John Blake, STAB; Ed Homer, Christchurch

First Team Offense

Offensive line: Bredt Stockwell, STAB, Sr.; Gideon Elron, STAB, Sr.; Brett Jones, North Cross, Jr.; Jamison Steljes, Covenant, Jr.; Jack Gorsline, Christchurch, Sr.

Tight end: Campbell Miller, STAB, Jr.

Wide receivers: Jalen Harrison, STAB, Jr.; Kareem Johnson, STAB, Jr.; Jordan Lowery, North Cross, Jr.; Scott Spencer, Blue Ridge, Jr.

Running backs: Austin Llera, Covenant, Sr.; Fernando Lewis, Christchurch, Sr.; Jake Allen, STAB, Sr.

Quarterbacks: Lee Parkhill, STAB, Sr.; Max Revercomb, North Cross, Sr.

Athlete: Ryan Dent, North Cross, Sr.

First Team Defense

Defensive line: John Woodson, STAB, Jr.; Bredt Stockwell, STAB, Sr.; Zach McLatchy, Christchurch, Sr.; Davis Call, North Cross, Jr.

Linebackers: Minor Smith, STAB, Sr.; Kareem Johnson, STAB, Jr.; Max Revercomb, North Cross, Sr.; Trey Critides, Christchurch, Sr.

Defensive backs: Jalen Harrison, STAB, Jr.; Brodie Phillips, STAB, Sr.; Daquon Frisby, Christchurch, Sr.; Jordan Lowrey, North Cross, Sr.

First Team Specialists

Kicker: Patrick Blake, STAB, Jr.

Punter: Will Huffines, VES, Sr.

Kick Returner: Keegan Farer, Hargrave, So.; Nyheim Tucker, Christchurch, Jr.

Punt Returner: Kareem Johnson, STAB, Jr,

Second Team Offense

Offensive line: Joe Upchurch, STAB, Jr.; Zach Ruffin, Hargrave, Sr.; Chase Mooney, VES, Jr.; Tristan Taylor, Christchurch, Sr.; Zach McLatchy, Christchurch, Sr.

Tight end: Matt Meadows, VES, Sr.

Wide Receivers: Tyler Sash, North Cross, Fr.; Keegan Ferer, Hargrave, So.; Q Frisby, Christchurch, Sr.; Malik Johnson, Blue Ridge, Jr.

Running backs: Louis Williams, VES, Sr.; Isaiah Harris, North Cross, Sr.; John Woodson, STAB, Jr.

Quarterback: Trevor Eaton, Blue Ridge, Sr.; Paul Huemme, Covenant, Sr.

Athlete: Quane Washington, Covenant, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive line: Gideon Elron, STAB, Sr.; Mason Dibble, STAB, Sr.; Joe Houston, North Cross, Jr.; Jack Gorsline, Christchurch, Sr.

Linebacker: Jake Allen, STAB, Sr.; Ben Tucker, VES, Jr.; Luke Norcross, Blue Ridge, Sr.; Trayvon Johnson, Christchurch, Sr.

Defensive backs: Isaiah Azubike, Christchurch, Sr.; Quane Washington, Covenant, Sr.; Matt Harris, Hargrave, Sr.; George Battle, VES, Jr.

Second Team Specialists

Kicker: Will Huffines, VES, Sr.

Punter: Trayvon Johnson, Christchurch, Sr.

Local Honorable Mention

Offensive line: Jhalil Puryear, Blue Ridge, So.; Osca Palin, Blue Ridge, So.; Juwan Woodson, STAB, So.; Matt Kersey, Covenant, So.; Tyler Gaines, Covenant, Sr.

Tight end: Bobby Findley, Covenant, Sr.

Wide receiver: Noah Brooks, Blue Ridge, Sr.

Running back: Brodie Phillips, STAB, Sr.

Defensive line: Rick Weaver, Covenant, 8th; Matt Kersey, Covenant, So.; Affana Offor, Blue Ridge, Jr.

Linebackers: Paul Huemme, Covenant, Sr.

Defensive backs: Rob Schotta, STAB, Sr.; Malik Johnson, Blue Ridge, Jr.; Logan Lucas, STAB, Jr.

Honorable Mention Specialist

Putner: John Schotta, STAB, Sr.