2014 All-Conference 23 football released, Louisa, Fluvanna and CHS players honored

The 2014 All-Conference 23 Football team was recently recently. Here is the squad.

Offensive player of the year: Trey Cherry, Louisa

Defensive player of the year: Larry Anderson, Charlottesville

Coach of the year: Mark Fischer, Louisa County

First Team Offense

Center: Cole Daylor, Handley

Offensive Line: Jonte Lewis-Brown, Amherst; Noah Verling, Louisa County; Malik Johnson, Louisa County; Sedarius Folley, Charlottesville

Wide recever: Macen Dahl, Fluvanna County; Dontae Mauck, Handley; Justin Washington, Handley

Tight end: Brian Townes, Louisa County, Jr.

Quarterback: Will Dearing, Handley

Running back: Tyrus Burford, Amherst; Devin Medley, Harrisonburg; DJ Frisby, Handley

Kicker: Nick Marshall, Handley

Kick return: Malik Bartee, Charlottesville

Offensive All-Purpose: Trey Cherry, Louisa

First Team Defense

Defensive line: Marquay Jackson, Handley; Troy Hughes, Charlottesville; Marquis Cashwell, Amherst

Defensive end: Drew Turner, Amherst; Alley Jensen, Charlottesville

Linebacker: Dolan Delaney, Handley; Vaughn Bodie, Fluvanna; Larry Anderson, Charlottesville; Demetrius Washington, Louisa

Defensive back: Dontae Mauck, Handley; Trey Cherry, Louisa County; Octavious Jones, Amherst; Nick Epps, Charlottesville

Punter: Jose Gonzalez, Harrisonburg

Punt Return: Josh Grady, Louisa County

Defensive All-Purpose: Lorenzo Louderback, Charlottesville

Locals On Second Team

Offensive line: Brenden Goode, Fluvanna; Shawn Lynch, Fluvanna

Wide receiver: Jake Mooney, Fluvanna

Tight end: Deandre Bryan, Charlottesville

Quarterback: Trey Cherry, Louisa

Running back: Rashad Brock, Charlottesville; Job Whalen, Louisa County

Kicker: Marcus Ditta, Fluvanna

Kick return: Josh Grady, Louisa

Offensive All-Purpose: Malik Bartee, Charlottesville

Defensive line: Raejion White, Fluvanna; Lorenzo Louderback, Charlottesville

Defensive end: Paul Karpets, Louisa County

Linebacker: peter Lacey, Fluvanna; Jordan Spotswood, Louisa County; Jahquae Howard, Charlottesville

Defensive back: Craig Russo, Fluvanna; Hannibal Reid, Charlottesville; Josh Grady, Louisa County; Marcus Jackson, Louisa County

Punter: Thomas Birle, Charlottesville

Defensive All-Purpose: Craig Russo, Fluvanna