SP Podcast 11.29.19: The One About How Hard it is to Get to a Region Final

The SP Podcast hands out the weekly awards and takes a look at how and why it’s extremely difficult to advance to third round of the playoffs and why that makes Goochland’s eight region finals since 2000 so impressive.


Minute by minute: Weekly Awards including the Road Grader of the Week — Goochland’s Le’shon Washington (:00-4:00), Offensive Players of the Week — Louisa’s Jarett Hunter (4:00-7:20), Defensive Players of the Week — Goochland’s Anthony Holland and C.J. Towles (7:20-10:30). A stat that shows how getting to region title games (10:30-20:58). Goochland versus James Monroe matchup (20:58 to End).