SP Podcast 10.21.19: The One About Paths to the Playoffs

The SP Podcast hands out the weekly awards and takes a look at the paths a number of teams face as they try and wedge their way into the playoffs.


Minute by minute: Weekly Awards including the Road Grader of the Week — Nelson County’s Alcindor Barnett (:00-5:20), Offensive Players of the Week — Fork Union’s Alex Williams, Orange’s Jaylen Alexander and William Monroe’s Dupree Rucker (5:20-14:00), Defensive Player of the Week — Fork Union’s Nasir Edmond and Covenant’s Jonas Sanker (14:00-17:30) and Special Teams player of the week Albemarle’s Yousof Algburi (17:30-20:00). Playoff Ratings and the path ahead for a bunch of key squads (20:00 to End)