Western boys sweep STAB

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Western Albemarle’s boys tennis team made short work of St. Anne’s-Belfield Wednesday as the Warriors, with a strong effort from the top of the ladder to the bottom, beat the Saints 9-0.

Tucker Ottoway and Ruffin King battled it out at No. 1 singles with Ottoway securing the win for Western with a 10-6 victory. Ben Masseli overcame a similar challenge, beating Jack Milligan at No. 3 with a 10-6 win. Scott Grover, Patrick Hicks and Andrew Ern had easier times in their matchups as Western went 6-0 in singles.

Western 9, St. Anne’s-Belfield 0


Tucker Ottaway def. Ruffin King: 10-6(WAHS)

Scott Grover def. Trevor Chase: 10-1 (WAHS)

Ben Masselli def. Jack Milligan: 10-6 (WAHS)

Daniel Thomas def. Nick Ignacak: 10-0 (WAHS)

Patrick Hicks def. Aran Patal: 10-1 (WAHS)

Andrew Ern def. Ned Butler: 10-0 (WAHS)


Tucker Ottaway/Scott Grover def. Ruffin King/Nick Ignacak: 8-5 (WAHS)

Patrick Hicks/Daniel Thomas def. Trevor Chase/Jack Milligan: 8-2 (WAHS)

Andrew Ern/Ben Masselli def. Ned Butler/Tom Hantzman: 8-0 (WAHS)