All-Jefferson District Basketball 2017-2018

All-Jefferson District Girls

Players of the Year

Division 5: Haylee Howard-Radde, Albemarle

Division 4: Jess Antwi, Charlottesville

Division 3: Elisabeth Coffman, Western

Coach: Jim Daly, Charlottesville


First Team

Elisabeth Coffman, Western Albemarle

Haylee Howard-Radde, Albemarle

Nevaeh Ivory, Fluvanna County

Jess Antwi, Charlottesville

Camille Blaine, Monticello

Sydney Sherman, Western Albemarle

T.C. Younger, Charlottesville

Kylie Maiolo, Powhatan


Second Team

Alexis Miller, Louisa County

Kyia Scott, Fluvanna County

Maggle Salomonsky, Powhatan

Anna O’Shea, Western Albemarle

Kaniyah Key, Charlottesville

Tianna Kinlaw, Monticello

Kajesha Taylor, Charlottesville

Marquelah Wilson, Albemarle


Honorable Mention

Makinna Winterton, Albemarle

Destini Monroe, Fluvanna County

Erin Ryder, Orange County

Hannah Shifflett, Monticello

Mady Starsia, Western Albemarle

Mya Wright, Fluvanna County

Terriana Neely, Louisa County

Dasha Kinlaw, Monticello


All-Jefferson District Boys

Players of the year

Division 5: J’Quan Anderson, Albemarle

Division 4: Chris Shelton, Louisa County

Division 3: Chris McGahren, Western Albemarle

Coaches of the year: Robert Shelton, Louisa and Greg Maynard, Albemarle


First Team

J’Quan Anderson, Albemarle

Chris Shelton, Louisa County

Kaeshaun Braxton, Orange County

Chris McGahren, Western Albemarle

Na’il Arnold, Albemarle

Jed Strickland, Western Albemarle

Jarrett Hunter, Louisa County

Immanuel Wells, Charlottesville


Second Team

Malik Bell, Louisa County

A.J. Gregory, Fluvanna County

Sam Neale, Charlottesville

Maxx Jarmon, Albemarle

Devin Van Natter, Powhatan

Tommy Mangrum, Western Albemarle

Thaddeus Lane, Monticello

Cartier Key, Albemarle


Honorable Mention

C.J. Williams, Louisa County

Kaysean Allen, Albemarle

Austin Washburn, Powhatan

Kobi Copeland, Monticello

Garrett Payne, Western Albemarle

Nic Motley, Charlottesville

Teo Rampini, Western Albemarle

Shannon Mull, Orange County