2018 All-Jefferson District Football

Offensive Player of the Year: Jarett Hunter, Louisa County

Defensive Player of the Year: Brandon Smith, Louisa County

Co-Coaches of the year: Michael Morris, Fluvanna and Will Patrick, Louisa County


Offense First Team

Quarterback: Carter Shifflett, Western Albemarle

Running back: Jacob Taylor, Powhatan; Sabias Folley, Charlottesville; Jaylen Alexander, Orange

Offensive line: Robbie Guinn, Louisa County; Walter Stribling, Fluvanna; Sayer Brown, Western Albemarle; JayVion Johnson, Powhatan; David Munoz, Louisa County

Wideouts and Tight ends: Chris Washington, Orange County; Trenton Johnson, Monticello; Myles Ward, Albemarle

All-Purpose: Jarett Hunter, Louisa County

Kicker: Yousof Algburi, Albemarle

Kick Return: Chris Washington, Orange


Defense First Team

Defensive line: Robbie Guinn, Louisa County; Derek Barbour, Louisa County; Bronson Brown, Western Albemarle; Wyatt Lowe, Powhatan

Linebackers: Brandon Smith, Louisa County; Jack Lesemann, Western Albemarle; Austin Sims, Louisa County; Malachi Hill, Fluvanna County

Defensive backs: Prophett Harris, Fluvanna County; Noah Robinson, Louisa County; Jack Weyher, Western Albemarle; Andrew Worthington, Powhatan

Defensive All-Purpose: Alex Washington, Louisa County

Punter: Jack Culbreath, Monticello

Punt Return: Noah Robinson, Louisa County


Offense Second Team

Quarterback: DaQuandre Taylor, Albemarle; Rob Allinder, Louisa County

Running back: Austin Shifflett, Western Albemarle; Prophett Harris, Fluvanna County; Mahki Washington, Albemarle

Offensive line: Joe Bowen, Western Albemarle; Griff Hollins, Louisa County; Tayshaun Minor, Monticello; Colby McGhee, Orange County; Jacob Dowdy, Powhatan; Matt Reese, Albemarle

Wideouts and Tight ends: Noah Robinson, Louisa County; Breaker Mendenhall, Western Albemarle; Joey Van Dyke, Fluvanna County

All-Purpose: Malachi Fields, Monticello; Wyatt Hull, Western Albemarle

Kicker: Kendall Heon, Western Albemarle

Kick Return: Robert Morgan VI, Louisa County


Defense Second Team

Defensive line: Sayer Brown, Western Albemarle; Joe Bowen, Western Albemarle; Jake Rombach, Albemarle; Joey Van Dyke, Fluvanna County

Linebackers: Reggie Cosby, Louisa County; Aaron Aponte, Louisa County; Aidan Saunders, Western Albemarle; Jon Barber, Albemarle; Collin Lawson, Powhatan

Defensive backs: Wyatt Thomas, Wester Albemarle; Marquan Jones, Albemarle; Hylton Hale, Orange County; Colby Martin, Fluvanna County

Defensive All-Purpose: Devonta Hargrove, Monticello

Punter: Noah Skeen, Charlottesville

Punt Return: Myles Ward, Albemarle


Honorable Mention Offense

Running backs: Nate Smith, Fluvanna County; Alex Washington, Louisa County; Kalup Shelton, Louisa County

Offensive line: Jaheim Tyler, Charlottesville; Alden Custer, Fluvanna County; Alex Plence-Roney, Monticello; Clay Nowlin, Western Albemarle; Ahmad Opie, Fluvanna County

Wideouts and Tight ends: Gabe Cuozzo, Louisa County; Aaron Aponte, Louisa County; Austin Sims, Louisa County

Kicker: Elijah Bullock, Fluvanna County


Honorable Mention Defense

Defensive line: Jacob Dowdy, Powhatan; Jaleon Adams-Mallory, Charlottesville; Eli Hartzog, Fluvanna County; Donovan Berry, Albemarle; Adrain Williams, Louisa County

Linebackers: Kyrie Carter, Orange County; Eric Taylor, Albemarle; Nate Smith, Fluvanna County; Chase Gayness, Powhatan; Tai Atuaia, Western Albemarle

Defensive backs: Isaiah Washington, Charlottesville; Nathan Morris, Orange County; Isaiah Nichols, Louisa County

Punter: Leukus Koczan, Fluvanna County