2017 All-Jefferson District Football

Offensive Player of the year: Kevin Jarrell, Monticello

Defensive Player of the year: Tony Thurston, Louisa County

Coach of the Year: Mark Fischer, Louisa County


Offense First Team

Quarterback: Kevin Jarrell, Monticello

Running back: Sabias Folley, Charlottesville; Job Whalen, Louisa County; Jaylen Alexander, Orange County

Offensive Line: Tony Thurston, Louisa County; Larry Henderson, Charlottesville; Trejon Bryant, Charlottesville; Ja’kell Johnson, Albemarle; Elliott Curry, Monticello

Wideouts and Tight ends: Darius Minor, Orange County; Jack Weyher, Western Albemarle; Austin Haverstrom, Monticello

All-Purpose: Malik Bell, Louisa County

Kicker: Thomas Henley, Louisa County

Kick Return: Rakeem Davis, Charlottesville


Defense First Team

Defensive line: Tony Thurston, Louisa County; Luke Tenuta, Western Albemarle; Devin McGhee, Louisa County; Hunter Fillingame, Albemarle

Linebackers: Brandon Smith, Louisa County; Job Whalen, Louisa County; Garrett Porterfield, Monticello; Xavier Trotman, Powhatan

Defensive backs: Darius Minor, Orange County; Robert Sims, Western Albemarle; Kris Anderson, Albemarle; Prophett Harris, Fluvanna County

Defensive All-Purpose: Na’il Arnold, Albemarle

Punter: Ethan Graves, Fluvanna County

Punt Return: Austin Haverstrom, Monticello


Offense Second Team

Quarterback: J’Quan Anderson, Albemarle

Running back: Jacob Taylor, Powhatan; Jerrick Ayers, Monticello; Tre Durrett, Charlottesville; Raquan Jones, Louisa County

Offensive Line: Dustin Matney, Louisa County; Walter Stribling, Fluvanna County; JayVion Johnson, Powhatan; Jorvin Maupin, Albemarle; Danny Talbert, Monticello

Wideouts and Tight ends: Chris Washington, Orange County; Kaysean Allen, Albemarle; Trenton Johnson, Monticello; Gabe Satterwhite, Powhatan

All-Purpose: Sam Neale, Charlottesville; Rakeem Davis, Charlottesville

Kicker: Darius Minor, Orange County

Kick Return: Chris Washington, Orange County


Defense Second Team

Defensive line: Jahsaan Bradford-Carter, Charlottesville; Wilhelm Lutterodt, Orange County; Robbie Guinn, Louisa County; Sedique Flowers, Orange County

Linebackers: Eric Taylor, Albemarle; Isaiah Washington, Charlottesville; Raquan Jones, Louisa County; Danny Talbert, Monticello

Defensive backs: Austin Haverstrom, Monticello; Damion Washington, Charlottesville; Jacoby Jackson, Monticello; Darren Klein, Western Albemarle

Defensive All-Purpose: Jack Lesemann, Western Albemarle

Punter: Dylan Booth, Monticello

Punt Return: Chris Washington, Orange County