All-Jefferson District Football 2016

As nominated by the coaches and selected by a panel of Central Virginia media members, here is the 2016 All-Jefferson District Football Team.


Offensive Player of the year: J’Quan Anderson, Albemarle


Defensive Player of the year: Quinton Ragland, Louisa County


Coach of the year: Brandon Isaiah, Albemarle


Offense First Team

Quarterback: J’Quan Anderson, Albemarle

Running back: Justin DeLeon, Powhatan; Sabias Folley, Charlottesville; Job Whalen, Louisa County

Offensive Line: Jakell Johnson, Albemarle; Tony Thurston, Louisa County; Channing Ward, Powhatan; Larry Henderson, Charlottesville; Carter Rickett, Orange County

Wideouts and Tight Ends: Lorenz Brown, Albemarle; Jack Weyher, Western Albemarle; Dayvon Green, Orange County

All-Purpose: Malik Bell, Louisa County

Kicker: Andre McCullough, Western Albemarle

Kick Return: Tyquan Rose, Albemarle


Defense First Team

Defensive line: Noah Crutchfield, Western Albemarle; Zykal Foster, Albemarle; Quinton Ragland, Louisa County; Tony Thurston, Louisa County

Linebackers: Sadarius Folley, Charlottesville; Lorenzo Louderback, Charlottesville; Brandon Smith, Louisa County; Ryan Horton, Orange County

Defensive backs: Malik Minor, Louisa County; Kris Anderson, Albemarle; Robert Sims, Western Albemarle; Jay Lewis-Nixon, Orange County

Defensive All-Purpose:DeAngelo Hunt, Orange County

Punter: Allen Torres, Fluvanna County

Punt Return: Tyquan Rose, Albemarle


Offense Second Team

Quarterback: Kevin Jarrell, Monticello

Running back: Jamal Thompson, Albemarle; DeAngelo Hunt, Orange County; Tre Smith, Orange County; Jerrick Ayres, Monticello

Offensive line: Danny Talbert, Monticello; Dustin Matney, Louisa County; Jason Westberry, Albemarle; Will Schwartz, Powhatan; Trejon Bryant, Charlottesville

Wideouts and Tight Ends: Noah Yourkavitch, Western Albemarle; Jonathan Arnold, Powhatan; Reid Huffman, Monticello; Austin Haverstrom, Monticello

All-Purpose: Derek Domecq, Western Albemarle

Kicker: Nic Martsolf, Albemarle

Kick Return: Shavon Ellis, Orange County


Defense Second Team

Defensive line: Luke Tenuta, Western Albemarle; Lamount Henderson, Powhatan; Will Schwartz, Powhatan; Sedique Flowers, Orange County

Linebackers: Jarrett Smith, Western Albemarle; Teshawn Massie, Albemarle; David Tomlin, Albemarle; Jeremy Arnold, Powhatan; James Buetow, Western Albemarle

Defensive backs: Jonathan Arnold, Powhatan; Tre Durrett, Charlottesville; Jamal Carter, Orange County; Na’il Arnold, Albemarle

Punter: Derek Domecq, Western Albemarle

Punt Return: Chris Washington, Orange County

Defensive All-Purpose: Rakeem Davis, Charlottesville


Honorable Mention Offense and Defense

Quarteback: Jacob Oglesby, Powhatan; Kenyon Carter, Orange County

Running back: Lorenzo Louderback, Charlottesville; Darren Klein, Western Albemarle

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends: Tyquan Rose, Albemarle; Joey Van Dyke, Fluvanna County

Offensive linemen: Devon Washington, Orange County; Jorvin Maupin, Albemarle; Matthew Kersey, Louisa County; Zach Hartzog, Fluvanna; Chase Payne, Fluvanna; Jake Morris, Fluvanna

All-Purpose: Ross Lewis, Powhatan

Defensive line: Shandon Pritchett, CHS; Anthony Scott-Goins, CHS; Jamonte Howze, Albemarle

Linebackers: Caleb Bouw, Monticello; Aidan Saunders, Western Albemarle; Craig Russo, Fluvanna County; Will Pistulka, Monticello

Defensive backs: Caleb Turner, Louisa County; Connor Berner, Albemarle