2016 All-Conference 29 Softball squad released

The 2016 All-Conference 29 softball team was relased Wednesday. Here’s the squad.
Player of the year: Emily Campbell, Broadway

Coach of the year: Becky Cantrell, Broadway


First Team

Pitchers: Emily Campbell, Broadway; Alia Miller, Turner Ashby; Kirsten Fletcher, Spotswood

Catcher: Kiersten Roadcap, Turner Ashby

First Base: Kyrsten Wood, Fort Defiance

Second Base: Torie Shifflett, Turner Ashby

Shortstop: Katrina Martin, Turner Ashby

Third Base: Ally Repko, Broadway

Outfielders: Morgan Landes, Broadway; Cana Davis, Turner Ashby; Taylor

Carpenter, Spotswood; Kayley Norford, Monticello

DP/Flex: Aly Balsley, Waynesboro

Utility: Lindsay Simmons, Fort Defiance

Second Team
Pitchers: Kara Madison, Western Albemarle; Becca Crothers, Fluvanna County; Kayley Norford, Monticello

Catcher: Haileigh Lutz, Spotswood

First Base: Ocean Burriss, Turner Ashby

Second Base: Sydney Layman, Broadway

Shortstop: Kristen Foltz, Broadway

Third Base Toria Belew, Fluvanna County

Outfielders: Tiana Knight, Western Albemarle; Jordan Miller, Spotswood; Tiffany Taylor, Fort Defiance; Cassie Kingsley, Fluvanna County

DP/Flex: Macey Hess, Turner Ashby

Utility: Carley Davis, Turner Ashby

Honorable Mention

Mariah Tawney, Fluvanna County

Kara Morris, Fluvanna County

Jenny Belling, Western Albemarle

Sierra Lantz, Broadway

Sophie Kershner, Fluvanna County

Tyler Haislip, Fluvanna County

Olivia Markopoulos, Western Albemarle

Hanna Shoemaker, Fort Defiance

MaKayla Shifflett, Western Albemarle

Aalaesha Carter, Waynesboro

Brittany Corbin, Turner Ashby

Sydney Sheffer, Turner Ashby

Becca Crothers, Fluvanna County

Lacey Pugh, Western Albemarle

Sarah Wimer, Broadway

Elizabeth Ritchie, Spotswood

Aly Balsley, Waynesboro