2016 All-Conference 19 football released, Louisa players honored

The 2016 All-Conference 19 football team is out. Here’s the squad.


2016 All-Conference 19 Football

Co-players of the year- Yetur Matos, Chancellor and Jason Brown, Chancellor

Co-coaches of the year- Mark Fischer, Louisa; Bob Oliver, Chancellor

Offense First Team

Quarterback: Jason Brown, Chancellor, Sr.

Center: Jaekob Vollbrechet, Courtland, Jr.

Offensive line: George Brown, Chancellor, Jr.; Kyle Smith, Eastern View, Jr.; Yetur Matos, Chancellor, Sr.; Anthony Thurston, Louisa County, Jr.

Running backs: Job Whalen, Louisa County, Jr.; Lovell Armstead, Chancellor, Jr.; Jordan Aley, King George, Sr.

Receiver: E.J. Jenkins, Chancellor, Sr.; D’Ago Hunter, Eastern View, Jr.; Zach Thomas, Eastern View, Jr.

Tight end: Noah Manuel, Chancellor, Sr.

Kicker: Jeremiah Walker, Eastern View, Sr.

Kick returner: D’Ago Hunt, Eastern View, Jr.

Offensive All-Purpose: Malik Bell, Louisa County, Jr.

Defense First Team

Defensive Linemen: George Brown, Jr., Chancellor, Sr.; David Leavell, Eastern View, Jr.; Quinton Ragland, Louisa County, Sr.

Defensive ends: Yetur Matos, Chancellor, Sr.; Anthony Thurston, Louisa County, Jr.

Linebackers: Brandon Smith, Louisa County, So.; Cameron Kniebbe, Chancellor, Sr.; Lalex Andros, Courtland, Jr.; Logan Jenkins, Eastern View, Sr.

Defensive backs: Malik Minor, Louisa County, Sr.; D’Ago Hunter, Eastern View, Jr.; Dakota Woodward, Courtland, Sr.; Jordan Aley, King George, Sr.

Punter: D.J. Jones, Courtland, So.

Punt Returner: Jordan Aley, King George, Sr.

Defensive All-Purpose: Kaden Woodward, Eastern View, Sr.

Locals on Second Team

Offensive line: Matthew Kersey, Louisa County, Sr.

Defensive All-Purpose: Caleb Turner, Louisa County, Jr.