2013 Falcon Club football awards

The Falcon Club presented the 2013 edition of their annual football awards Sunday night at the Falcon Club banquet. Here’s how the awards shook out. 

Public School MVP: Kent Henry, Western Albemarle

Private School MVP: Greer Martini, Woodberry Forest

Leadership: Sean Means, Monticello

Sportsmanship: Clint Alexander, Woodberry Forest

Private School Coach: John Blake, St. Anne’s-Belfield

Public School Coach: Eric Sherry, Charlottesville

Citizenship Award: Josh King, William Monroe

Team Awards


Student-Athlete: Kyle Shaffer

MVP: Kevin Bernardino

Blue Ridge

Student-Athlete: Nathan Johnson

MVP: Ryan Etheridge


Student-Athlete: Will White

MVP: Chris Thurston

Covenant School

Student-Athlete: Spencer Godine

MVP: Teddy Morse

Fluvanna County

Student-Athlete: Jesse Lockits

MVP: Jesse Van Dyke

Fork Union

Student-Athlete: Seth Jackson

MVP: Mark Uptegraff

Louisa County

Student-Athlete: Kyle Anderson

MVP: Deion Johnson


Student-Athlete: Sean Means

MVP: T.J. Tillery

Orange County

Student-Athlete: Ben Hargett

MVP: Isaiah Ferguson

St. Anne’s-Belfield

Student-Athlete: Lee Parkhill

MVP: Jalen Harrison

Western Albemarle

Student-Athlete: Austin Gadient

MVP: Kent Henry

Woodberry Forest

Student-Athlete: Hunter Etheridge

MVP: Greer Martini

William Monroe

Student-Athlete: Joshua King

MVP: W.J. Lamb